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Why it is Important for Children to Maintain Relationships with Both Parents After Divorce

The divorce process and outcomes of a divorce can be extremely stressful and emotionally draining. While some divorces end without any large disputes, others end with serious disagreements, fights, and resentment. As a result, many divorcing partners forget about the feelings and emotions of shared children involved in the process.

Oftentimes, many parents direct their feelings and emotions towards the children by not allowing them to see, spend quality time with, or develop relationships with the other parent. However, research states that children who are able to develop meaningful relationships with both parents following a divorce succeed and thrive socially, academically, economically, and mentally.

Recently, the American Psychological Association released an article which states that children who are able to visit and interact with both parents adjust to post-divorce living situations better than those children who only interact and establish a relationship with one parent. One examiner from the AIDS Administration/Department of Health and Mental Hygiene added that living arrangements have less of an effect on children than when children are able to see both parents.

Additionally studies prove that each parent, the father and the mother, contribute different but essential elements to a child’s development. While a mother can offer an emotional outlet for a child, a father can help their child develop a better memory, situational flexibility, and impulse control.

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While divorce is never a fun process, it is crucial that you and your spouse consider the mental health and emotional wellbeing of any shared children. More importantly, you must consider the fragility of children, especially during life-changing matters. After all, courts always place an emphasis on the best interests of children during matters involving custody, visitation, and parenting time.

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