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Age of Marriage Could Indicate Likelihood of Divorce, Study Says

They say that age is only a number, but can a person’s age have an effect on the likelihood of success or failure in their marriage? According to research conducted by Nicholas H. Wolfinger of the Institute for Family Studies, it appears as though those who get married after their early 30s are more likely todivorce than those who marry in their late 20s.

While many people have agreed in the past that older couples are more likely to have successful marriages, Wolfinger has actually found that with every successive year after marriage, couples who marry in their early 30s are five percent more likely to divorce. After comparing data from 1995 to data collected in recent years, Wolfinger found that despite a couple’s ethnicity, geographic location, or religion, divorce rates have universally increased for couples over the age of 32.

Wolfinger suggests a number of possible theories to explain these findings. While older couples are typically more financially secure, mature, and educated, they may be more set in their own ways and unwilling to adapt to married life. Alternatively, they never may have wished to wed at all. He also speculates that having multiple partners or having children with previous partners could also be factors that contribute to the likelihood of divorce.

Finally, and perhaps most controversially, he speculates that people who wait longer may possibly have more difficulty with interpersonal relationships and are already not predisposed to doing well in their marriages. He points out that irascible people may not be able to find anyone willing to marry them, and that if they finally do, those marriages automatically face a high risk of ending.

So, what is the perfect age to get married? Wolfinger thinks it is the late 20s, but only you can truly know what is right for you.

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