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If a Wedding Gets Cancelled, Who Keeps the Ring?

Life can be unpredictable, and relationships are the greatest example of this sometimes unfortunate reality. As devastating as it is, countless weddings are planned yet never executed, as the couple fails to make it down the aisle. Aside from emotional distress, the financial impact of a wedding that never takes place can be substantial. In fact, there are a lot of residual financial repercussions following the end of an engagement.

One of the most contentious aspects of a failed engagement is the question of who gets to keep the ring once it’s all over. In the state of Texas, the law states there are three elements to consider before deciding whom the ring rightfully belongs to. First of all, if it is an irrevocable gift, then the recipient of the gift is entitled to keep it. An irrevocable gift is measured through intent, delivery, and acceptance. If the giver’s intent to give the item as a gift was delivered and accepted, the giver cannot take it back.

However, if the ring can be proven as a conditional gift, there may be room for it to be returned to the giver. A conditional gift is dependent on a specific condition, and can be returned if the conditions are not met–such as a gift with the intent of marriage, in which a marriage does not take place. Also, Texas law considers who is at fault in the ending of the engagement, such as in instances of infidelity, fraud, or otherwise. If the giver is at fault, he or she does not have rights to that ring, and vice versa.

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