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How Post-Divorce Can Be Complicated

The entire process of divorce is daunting and emotionally and mentally taxing. In most cases, divorcing partners are delighted when they finally achieve the final divorce settlement agreement. Many individuals feel that at this point, they are in a comfortable position with reasonably satisfying divorce results and expect to receive what was outlined in the agreement. This is not always the case.

Many people make the mistake of going through divorce without legal guidance. However, it is important to seek legal representation at the beginning of a divorce for several reasons. Many couples forget to plan a mutually acceptable post-divorce plan that will set up each person for success. In addition, many divorcing partners do not determine set timelines for when these actions should or must take place.

Below are some issues divorcing persons find difficult as a result of an unorganized divorce:

  • Enforcing obligations to provide child support and alimony
  • Ensuring compliance with parenting agreements as well as child custody
  • Failing to list the shared family home for sale
  • Failing to refinance the mortgage of the family home
  • Improperly outlining the division of assets
  • Failing to divide assets at all

Because the divorce process can be complicated and saturated with fine print, post-divorce situations can become complex. That is why it is wise for divorcing partners to consult with an experienced divorce attorney as soon as the decision to file for divorce has been made. A skilled divorce lawyer can ensure that all finances and other issues are cared for before the divorce is finalized. This will ensure a more satisfying and comfortable lifestyle after the divorce is complete.

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