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Attorney Janet McCullar Writes Article on How to Be Productive While Working from Home

We are proud to announce that our very own Attorney Janet McCullar, co-founder of The Law Office of Janet McCullar, P.C., has written an article regarding how individuals can work effectively from home. As a respected businesswoman in the community, Janet commits her life to improving the lives of those moving through family law related matters, running a successful firm, and being a good mother all while enjoying the ability to work remotely.

In the article, published in the Austin Business Journal, Janet provides helpful tips about what a person can do to keep things organized if his or her home is also his or her workplace. Here are just a few:

  • Communicate work hours to friends and family, and abide by these hours. She states this can help an individual complete tasks more efficiently, allowing an individual to have more family time once tasks are complete.
  • Designate a room as an office, and ensure the room includes a computer, office chair, and desk. Attorney McCullar states this can help a person associate his or her environment with work and thus, boost productivity.
  • Wear business attire when working from the home office. She comments that this can help a person remain in work-mode.

To gain a better understanding of Attorney McCullar’s methods to remain a productive businesswoman and family lawyer from the comfort of her own home, read the full article here.

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