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  • Hidden Challenges During Military Divorces

    Posted By The Law Office of Janet McCullar, P.C. || 30-Mar-2017

    Military divorces contain unique legal issues that can make them more complex to handle that the average civilian divorce. Here are some unique challenges to military divorce that you should know about if you are planning on filing: Deciding which state to file for divorce in. Because military families often move around from place to place and spouses spend time apart during a deployment, it may ...
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  • 4 FAQs About Spousal Maintenance

    Posted By The Law Office of Janet McCullar, P.C. || 21-Mar-2017

    Many people are aware that when a couple decides to divorce, one spouse may be ordered to pay spousal maintenance (alimony) to the lower-earning spouse so that he or she may continue to maintain the standard of living established during the marriage. However, many people are also unclear on exactly how alimony works, including how much they have to pay, how the court decides how much should be ...
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  • Can You Change the Terms of a Divorce?

    Posted By The Law Office of Janet McCullar, P.C. || 10-Mar-2017

    When a divorce is completed, the terms are finalized in a divorce decree. The decree will contain court orders on things like alimony, child support, child custody and visitation arrangements, and how property is to be divided. But what happens if your circumstances change? Can your divorce decree be changed too, or are you stuck with it for life? The courts understand that life changes, and a ...
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  • Agency vs. Independent Adoptions

    Posted By The Law Office of Janet McCullar, P.C. || 3-Mar-2017

    If you are considering adopting a child, you may have questions about whether you should adopt through an agency or do so independently. Here’s an overview of each so that you can make an informed and confident decision that works for you and your family. Agency Adoptions If you want someone with you who can guide you step-by-step through the adoption process, then going with an adoption ...
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