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Why Divorce?

How do you manage to do divorces? The people who ask this question assume that the practice of a divorce or family lawyer is unpleasant. Imagining the bickering about trinkets or children and destroying families and everything else that can make a divorce a miserable process.

First, the divorce is not about me. It’s my client that is going through this process, usually for the first time.

My clients are often experiencing one of the most difficult and painful periods of their life. Next to the death of a loved one, divorce is one of life’s most painful experiences. Add a spouse who has cheated, years of abuse, or bad behavior, and you have a setup for what most people imagine a divorce to be.

In my office, we are eager to tend to people experiencing their worst. We want to help them through a process that people know very little about (and the things I hear people say about what happens during divorce proves, there are many misconceptions) and are looking for someone who can guide them through this process.

To be sure, there are nightmare cases and awful opposing counsel, but when we can help someone shoulder the burden, and we are fulfilling our vision of helping people through one of their most difficult experiences.

We’ve outlined some of the types of difficult situations we’ve helped people through – if you can relate to those issues, we hope you will contact The Law Office of Janet McCullar, P.C. to see if we can help. Our Austin divorce lawyers are here to help.

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