How to Achieve Adequate Parenting Time During the Holidays

When children are involved, divorce is never easy, especially during the holidays. Oftentimes, divorced parents struggle to divide parenting time during the holiday season since this time of year is dear to many. However, remaining calm and planning parenting time appropriately can alleviate stress between you, your former partner, and your shared children.

To help, we have listed some helpful tips you may want to consider:

1. Communicate with Your Former Partner

It is important that you speak with your former partner about holiday plans up until the holiday. Do not refrain from explaining your desires of the times and dates you would enjoy spending time with your children. Open discussion can be the pathway to a successful holiday season with your kids.

2. Make Arrangements Ahead of Time

Do not wait until the last minute to make plans. By coordinating plans with your former partner before the holidays are here, you can avoid disappointment, anger, and stress. In addition, your children can adjust to their settings much easier than if plans are made last minute.

3. Remain Proactive

It is crucial to remember there are at least two parents involved when dealing with parenting time issues. For this reason, both parents may want celebrate certain days or holidays with their children. When discussing holiday plans, truly listen to the desires of your former partner and try to remain understanding. This can make the process easier for all parties, including the children.

4. Share Memories with Your Former Partner and Children

After a divorce, it is easy to set aside good, healthy memories that derived from situations during the marriage. However, these memories can be extremely healthy for children to recollect. To help your children cope through holidays after divorce, reflect on good memories with your children and former spouse if plausible. This can be done by viewing photographs and sharing stories.

Our Firm Can Help Your Family Overcome this Holiday Season

Divorce can be difficult during the holidays. Between stressful emotions, planning to share children, and coordinating with former spouses, there is a lot to take into consideration as the year comes to an end. At The Law Office of Janet McCullar, P.C., our Austin family law attorneys care about your family and holiday season. That is why we are here to offer exceptional services and top-tier representation. Don’t let divorce get the best of you.

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