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18th Annual People’s Community Clinic Luncheon

On April 21, 2014, The Law Office of Janet McCullar, P.C. was a Supporter Level Sponsor at the 18th Annual People’s Community Clinic Luncheon. This annual luncheon is traditionally known for their fundraising pitch “There’s No Such Thing as a Free Lunch.” That fundraising tagline is absolutely true and a brilliant idea.

The team at People’s Community Clinic always do an excellent job at exhibiting the work of the professionals who run the clinics, as well as the patients being treated. Year after year, this organization makes incredible leaps and bounds with their facilities and the care offered and provided to ordinary families who might not otherwise receive medical attention. While the big screens are flashing pictures and messages of the staff at the clinics and patients with smiles on their faces, it is almost impossible not to make a monetary contribution.

The guest speaker, Spencer Wells, Ph.D., with National Geographic, led an incredibly informative lecture that successfully left hundreds of people feeling utterly perplexed. However, Dr. Wells finessed his conclusion to include his work and scientific studies to the impact that People’s Community Clinic makes on our community.

As always, People’s Community Clinic awards a local non-profit organization for the work conducted in our community. This year, the 2014 W. Neal Kocurek Healthcare Advocacy Award was given to the Sustainable Food Center. It is an event that we attend every year and one that leaves you with that warm and fuzzy feeling of giving back. So, next year we will continue our efforts and attend the (rather expensive) “free lunch” because…it matters.

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