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  • Things to Consider Before Filing for Divorce

    Posted By The Law Office of Janet McCullar, P.C. || 24-Jan-2017

    While thousands of people marry every year, 40% to 50% of those marriages will end in divorce, according to the American Psychological Association. The decision to end a marriage can result from many factors, some of which include race, age, education, income, religion, and desire for children (or lack thereof). Before you make the decision to divorce your spouse, consider these aspects of ...
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  • Politics and Divorce

    Posted By The Law Office of Janet McCullar, P.C. || 19-Jan-2017

    As a society, we’ve never been more connected. The Internet allows us to update each other on a minute-by-minute basis through social media and e-mail. Such instant communication also paves the way for potential disagreements. For example, before the Internet, two relatives who only saw each other on Thanksgiving were unlikely to know much about each other’s political leanings. Now, ...
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  • Divorce: What Are the Steps?

    Posted By The Law Office of Janet McCullar, P.C. || 11-Jan-2017

    If this is your first marriage, you may be at a loss for how to get started filing for divorce. Most people are unprepared for this eventuality, as marriages are usually an expression of hope for a long future together. Depending on how entangled your lives are, divorce can also be incredibly complicated. Take the following steps to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible. 1. Think About ...
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  • Should I Stay Married for the Kids?

    Posted By The Law Office of Janet McCullar, P.C. || 2-Jan-2017

    Anyone will tell you marriage is hard. Few couples manage to hit the golden anniversary without conflict. Even achieving 1 year can be difficult for some. While divorce is always an option, particularly as it has become more socially acceptable, the situation is complicated if a couple has children. In 2014, more than 800,000 marriages ended in divorce. If only half of those couples had children ...
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